I can’t say that I felt there was any particular mystery to why YouTube and Google+ were connected. In fact, once that connection evolved into an authentication process, instead of being outraged as a YouTube subscriber, as a channel owner, I was optimistic that this could result in troll reduction.

There’s nothing like getting a bunch of abusive comments in response to a howto video. Over time you realize that this is just what trolls do, but at first, you may find yourself at a loss, as I recently was, as to why the length of a video warrants strings of angry curse words.

Preoccupied with this idea, it was a while before it occurred to me to ask why. The graphic below is from a slide deck where I ask these questions. Click on the circles to see the links where I found my answers.

This post is part of a series about getting your Google+ on. And also an excerpt from something I’ve been working on for subscribers and clients. Here’s part one.


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