Cats are starting to link to me. I’m going to install a DoFollow Plugin and link back. That means your links from me, in comments or in the blogroll will count.

For the next 40 people with established blogs, if you link to me, I’ll link back on the Blogroll that will appear on every page. If you Technorati Fave me, I’ll fave back. If you trackback to one of my posts with a legit observation/quote, I’ll talk about your site within a week in a blog post. But I’m going to be honest about your site, don’t expect me to kiss ass.

For comments, I’m gonna have some kind of cash prize contest and maybe give away T-Shirts, but I haven’t decided the terms. I’ll come back to that later when I pick the amounts and the end date.


  1. You have to be an established blogger -not one you started yesterday. It’s okay if it’s a week old but you have to have at least as many posts as I do.
  2. Nothing Shady. If you’re doing something I feel is suspect, I won’t link back. Then you can just take your link to me down and we’ll part friends.

You’ll get your link back faster if you tell me about it in a comment to this thread. Trust me, you want to do this before you find out who I am and people start clamoring for links and offering me money like they always do. This will be like a free ad when I tell my list about this site in April.

This is more than reciprocal linking. I’m going to start a serious relationship with you. So if you don’t want to know me, you probably should skip this exercise.


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