yoplait-strawberryToday, Yoplait

I love Yoplait yogurt.

Yoplait is made by Dannon, and I’m not affiliated with either of them, just so you know.

Being associated with them would make me a harsher critic, which you already know if you know anything about me. But let’s assume for now that you don’t. 😀

And I even love what’s written on their Google Finance page, even though I have no idea where that description is pulled from. When I read it though, I get a vague sense of “Dannonness” from it.

Which is a good thing, considering that they may not have any influence over that area. It means their brand identity may be powerful enough to affect how other companies describe them, or at least that they are paying attention to the details.

And as we’re going to find today, attention to detail is quite important to the making of a brand.

Okay, enough introduction. Let’s get our hands dirty, and poke around at the brand.

As mentioned before, I’m going to go into my experience of the brand as a consumer first, then end off with some specialized insight for you as a small business.

Setting the Scene

It’s Sunday. I haven’t really had the chance to relax all week, and I have to work today. But I want my work experience to feel as little like work as possible, and part of that is a good breakfast, so my brain will operate at top efficiency.

Or maybe that’s just my way of procrastinating, who knows.

At any rate, that well rounded breakfast includes Yoplait. As I reached for it,  I recalled my last experience eating it, and how it felt like comfort food the way ice cream does, but that I had some fuzzy recollection that yogurt is good for me, though I haven’t got a firm clue as to how.

As I sat eating my Yoplait, I noticed there was lettering on the lid. Couldn’t remember if it had always been there or not. So as I was eating I started to skim it.

And here’s where, as a consumer, I checked both the Win/Fail boxes on my Yoplait scoring card.

Now remember, this isn’t my professional evaluation of their brand, not yet.

This is my experience as a consumer, which is a superior level of assessment if you think about it: all the work branding does is supposed to leave an impression on a consumer.

No amount of metrics, studies, or marketing savvy can overrule the consumer experience, even if it isn’t a typical one.

Every customer counts.

Next up: More of My Yoplait Experience. As you read it, think about how your consumers perceive your product as they are using it. Also look at how you can better scrutinize advertising or marketing campaigns that affect your brand.


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