Find out what it is, why you want to do it, and how simple it is to get started.
Some things call for a quick email. Others call for a phone call. Sometimes blogging about an issue gets the word out best – on other days, maybe an audio tip will bring the point home a lot better. 

So what is podcasting? A podcast is a collection of media delivered via RSS, most likely in mp3 format.

Why would you want to podcast?

Because delivering your marketing message may be as easy as speaking into a microphone.

It sometimes takes me an hour from conception of a particular 700 word article to its distribution. I can get an 15 minute audio created and distributed in half that time.

How? I podcast. And giving away free audio content can be just as great as giving away free written content, and as a bonus you’ll reach a population that may not have come across your site otherwise.

There’s a lot more to it than that of course, but for the time being, I’ll leave you with a link to a popular podcast resource, and one of the audios from my own podcast.

Sometimes writing about podcasting is like trying to dance architecture…


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