Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending another Women Grow Business Pay it Forward event, How to Promote and Track Your Social Content, featuring Priya Ramesh. The video footage is of her presentation, which I greatly enjoyed and was honored to be invited to play a minor role in.

At the event, I learned about several resources I didn’t know about before, and also got to enjoy some advice from Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solution’s Social Media Swami. If you want to see how to connect social media to in-person relationships, Priya and Shashi are great people to learn from online and well as off.

Below you’ll find her slides from the event. Over the next few posts, I’ll zero in on some of the highlights of the evening, along with some video I shot myself.

Because I’m a proud member of Network Solution’s Social Media Advisory Board, you might be thinking, “well, of course she’s going to promote the events they put on.” But I have to tell you, you’ve got it backwards. I accepted a position on their board because of the many ways they are constantly giving back to the small business community, online and off.

These events, free or not, virtual or physical, enrich the lives of small business owners everywhere. As you’ll see when you watch the video, they aren’t the typical, dry workshops you may have paid thousands to attend in the past. They’re vibrant, peer-driven discussions where most of the people attending get value out of the experience, or are welcome to add their input and experience.

If you can ever attend, virtually or not, you’ll find that time well spent. Hope you enjoy the resources, and please share any events, groups or meetups you feel as passionately about.


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