That's my cash money, beetches. Ok, I'm sorry for calling yawl the b word. And ho is short for honey. Oh relax, can't you.Number One: Trying to do have too many income streams too soon, from one blog.

Proof that I’m right: Go to a prominent blogger’s site, one who makes a great income from their blog like Shoemoney, Steve Pavlina, or Problogger. Do you see 16 different banners for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, four different blog ad networks, Clickbank RSS Generated feeds and Google AdSense? Do the pages seem cluttered to you?

Those cats have just a handful of income sources, usuallly just a couple. If there’s more than two they are spread out cleanly across the page, not bundled up in one section.

The clicking process is like the buying process. People go into a type of hypnosis when they’re reading or browsing the web and decide to follow a link. It’s part of their stream of thought and they wander off incidentally.

Which brings us to mistake Number Two.

Trying to sell even as few as two completely unrelated things from your blog, whether it’s your product, someone else’s, or ads is utter nonsense. Go back to the basics.

Proof that I’m right: Reference Ken Evoy or the late great Cory Rudl or Michel Fortin.

In not as many words, they’ll you that the focus of your site should be on some narrow area. We all know that, it’s basically common knowledge, so why do we ignore that when it comes to the products we promote?

Until you’re a high traffic site, it’s just not smart, and even at that point, you’d make more money targeting narrowly.

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