Here’s the deal with Translator plug-ins like Global Translator.

The plug-in is awesome (when it works), especially for SEO purposes. Having your pages translated gives you nine times the pages every time you create one page.

A bulky site is going to get more traffic than one that’s like ten pages. Pages are like sharkbait, and having more pages is like having more fish in the sea. I have another site with translated pages and my page views went up tenfold, mostly on the NON-tranlsated pages.

What most people will eventually find out is that translated sites typically sound like garbage when automatically translated.

Here’s the BIG but about that.

It brings you people who may have native tongues other than English, but have enough English skills to communicate.

So, if you want to expand your market to people who speak other languages, go hire a real translator. Nuances of language prevent auto translations from being accurate.

However, if you want catch yourself some bi-lingual sharks, translators help. Being able to read in several languages myself, I know that when I do a search on a site and end up in a translated page that doesn’t make much sense, if the default page is in a language I know, I’ll click on over to the English page.

The other way around, a person who speaks both English and another language you have a translation for might never have found you.

Speaking of help, my Global Translator plug-in works for like a day in all my blogs, then stops. I get a 404 error in IE, a blank page in Firefox – and here’s the kicker – I can see it just fine in Opera. In fact, the pages still get spidered, and show up in search engines.

I’m on WordPress 2.1 and I’ll pay for a working solution that allows me to keep my current directory structure, and pages that look like they’re on my own site, and will show all languages. I’ve turned plugins on, off, uninstalled, reinstalled, all that. And no, I’m not running Firestats, yes, I did leave a message for the guy who wrote the plugin, no I haven’t seen another plugin that works the same way.


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