I haven’t confessed anything lately. So this morning I was thinking… what secret can I reveal about myself (or internet marketing) that you’d actually be interested in?

Today the theme is Silence. There’s too many of us online being silent about their misery, joy, experiences, mishaps, mistakes, etc. With business blogging becoming popular in recent years, some of the word regarding certain issues are getting out there, but most people are afraid of speaking up on issues that really matter for fear of what will come of being vocal.

I know because I’m  one of those people. I’m not perfect – I’ve had products that didn’t sell and were failures, programs I put together that didn’t quite go over the way I expected them to, etc. What I’ve always been very careful of is never to guarantee results or income unless I know that I’m going to be doing the work myself. I only guarantee that my methods, if applied correctly, will work.  I’ve only ever had 21 refunds, in four years, and 14 of them were obvious fraud. Considering that I’ve sold thousands of units, I feel comfortable with that number.

I still beat myself up for every single refund and go through about a day of going back through my products with a fine tooth comb, every time someone requests one. Sometimes I find errors. Most of the time I’m just paranoid.

About what?

I live in America, the most solicitous nation on the planet. My work on the internet depends solely on my reputation. I didn’t come into the business with money or knowledge – everything I know I was self taught. Every penny I’ve made was bought with sweat. A legitimate claim against me could ruin me.  I pride myself on the fact that there isn’t a single one… not even one.

I’m terrified that I “jinxed” it by saying so. But typing those words and seeing them on the screen made me laugh at myself. The testament that is my work would not crumble under scrutiny, and consciously, I know that.

Silence is a silly fear that is only quashed by voices.


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