If you think you don’t have time to run a business online, unless you work two jobs you’re kidding yourself. If you watch more than an hour of TV per day, stop watching TV. Cold Turkey, and yes, that means online video, You Tube, all that, for at least two months. After the first month you won’t even miss it.

That includes the news. Trust me when I say that if something important happens you’ll get the chance to hear all about it another time. Most news has absolutely no bearing on your daily life. If it’s a tragedy, it’s already happened. If it’s a miracle, people will be talking about it.

This kind of advice probably seems outrageous. It did to me when I discovered this secret in 1992. Turning off the tube doesn’t just make time in your life, it creates a space for silence, and with silence often comes inspired thought.

The second easiest way is to sleep less. I hear Donald Trump only sleeps 4 hours a night. His reasoning was that it gives him a 20 hour day, and his opponents can’t compete with that on a 16 hour day. I guess I’ll never be a Billionaire, if that’s the cost. I’m a varsity sleeper, and I can do more in ten hours after resting than in 18 without.

Should you decide to go with my first suggestion and give up television, remember that it’s not forever. If you’re really a tubeaholic, think about getting TiVo and time shifting your programming. You can also watch some network shows for free online, and get others from iTunes for $2 a pop or $20 – $40 per season.

Even reducing your television consumption by half can give you plenty of extra time.


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