This used to frustrate me so much that I didn’t want to sell ebooks anymore. An ebook is a tool, just like anything else. Treat your ebook purchases the way you would any other business related educational purpose. Think about how this purchase will affect your bottom line. Try to stick to things that will either teach you how to do something, clarify an underlying philosophy, or give you background information on a job you plan to hire a consultant for.

Stop buying anything under $100 that claims to be a business in a box, unless you’ve done your research on the web and come up with stellar unbiased reviews. There’s no get rich quick scheme and no shortcuts. If you elbow your neighbor in the face, you will not end up on top. Not only is it bad karma, word gets around fast.

See your purchase for what it is.

People have written me that my products have saved their businesses, and I’m happy for that. But people have also written me with wild expectations that some $97 package I sold them was going to jump out the box, do the hully gully and make generations of their families millionaires.

Who knows where they got that idea, since I’ve only ever sold one thing that shows people how they can make money online.

So, no matter what that page you’re at says, there’s no sex in the champagne room.

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t ways for your to get wealthy online that come in a neat package. I’m just saying that if it’s about $100, that box is not all-inclusive. And even if it’s a $1000 package that comes with everything, you’ll still have to do the work.


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