I just wanted to say to all the people who I haven’t been able to personally interact with that I appreciate you coming by this site. Thank you for being here.

Just the fact that you visit the site means a lot to me, that someone is listening to my story even though I’m anonymous right now. It reminds me that I can write compelling content and not have to rely on the possibly waning strength of my name to survive. (I’ve been out of pocket most of the last year.)

To people who are commenting, double the thanks. Every comment, any kind of sincere comment is like a Christmas gift in summertime. It makes me redouble my efforts with this blog.

People who are linking back and talking about me on your site, or have sent traffic to me in other ways (carnivals, social widgets), it really is the best feeling in the world to follow a link back from your stats and end up reading a compliment. I enjoy returning the favor whether it’s a link or a post about your site.

Thank you all.


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