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    Storify Launches an iPad App for Social Media Storytelling r.ealti.me/w7oRmU via @mashable #RLTM
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    Storify launches a slick iPad app to open its story-building service to a new audience tnw.to/1DPvm by @mpanzarino on @TNWapps
  3. Let me get two things out of the way, right off the bat. 

    1- Yes, this is the first and the last time I’ll be using the phrase “to completion” in a blog post or really, anywhere else. I almost wrote a blog post about the executions that will start at midnight for anyone caught using the phrase, even in sketchy massage parlor situations. 

     2- I’m definitely an Apple fan, but I’m not one of the ones who hates PCs or thinks Apple can do no wrong.

    I do, however, hate Windows. 

     But. Getting back to the announcement… what announcement? I got a capture of it. Wanna see it? Here is goes:
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    Announcing Storify for iPad, free. Social storytelling at your fingertips, wherever you are. storify.com/storify/storif…
  5. At first glance, that may seem insignificant. But I assure you that this is potentially awesome sauce, for people who: 

    hold technology events 
    hold non-technology events in front of tech-savvy audiences 
    people who sponsor, host, cover or present at any of the above. 
  6. We’re Loving the Changes and It’s Bringing New Lovers

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    RT @tinu: I know I’m not the only one who thinks @Storify and iPad is a match made in heaven. ::Nooo I wholeheartedly agree!
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    [ 1] RT @Tinu: I know I’m not the only one who thinks @Storify and iPad is a match made in heaven.
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    I’d never heard of Storify before today. Apparently, their iPad app launched for free this afternoon. via @MacTrast mactrast.com/2012/02/storif…
  10. Also: We Love Storify But Couldn’t Use It When We’d Most Like To – Until Now

  11. Storify has always been an easy way to curate social content from multiple sources in multiple formats.  And it has the added benefit of allowing you to include your own commentary as long as you don’t need advanced formatting like ordered lists. (see above, where I tried to do an ordered list.)

    This platform is also a perfect fix for two common problems, a- the need to dash off a quick, yet useful blog post, that included social input, and b- attempting to cover a live event without being redundant, exclusionary, or boring. 
     A WordPress plugin helped alleviate the issues some of us had getting the two to play nice together. That left only the problem of not being able to use Storify on the go.

    Which is pretty important – and I’ll tell you why.

  12. Right Platform, Right People, Right Trend

  13. Over the last year or two, the frequent attendee of live events has freed itself from lugging around cumbersome laptops, and supplanted that with the portable tablet. 

    And in some VHS vs Betamax way, the top tablet for this particular crowd is the iPad. But woe were we, often not discovering that we couldn’t use our blessed Storify on our iPads until we arrived at an event. 

    Of course, we’re the ones with the mobile technology that wasn’t up to the task at hand. 
    So if life was fair, it would be we folks who had to adapt. 
    But come on now, that’s just crazy talk. If you want your social tool to succeed, it should work on all platforms, even the ones with the crazy fans who for some reason, think it’s okay that our fearsome overlords deny us the use of Flash and any site that doesn’t work well with touch screens.

    Not that I’m bitter.

  14. Those Storify folks though- they’re pretty smart. 

    They’ve been hip to the fact that creative curation is the next wave to surf for a minute. They are aware of what tools the folks who often do that job use,  and they also know that they should be integrating with existing services for faster growth.

    Simple but genius – people who use Twitter and Facebook will use this tool the most, to curate social media posts about live events they attend with iPads and other touch screen tablets in hand — NOT their laptops. 

    Also: what smarter way to introduce the application to a whole new world of users? 

    Next thing you know there’s chocolate in my peanut butter and I’m hearing more people singing the praises of Storify in the last two days than I have in the last two years. 
     Well hurray for them. And hurray for being able to put together this blog post on my iPad, and then log in to WordPress to publish it.
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    How Storify And Pinterest Are Cultivating The Wild Web, And Why Social Media …: Integration, rather than direc… bit.ly/wq6IMh
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  17. It May Be Nirvana, But It’s Not Perfection. Yet.

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    @Storify Sent you to camera shots of iPad screen that hopefully show #storify not working for me. Help!
  19. No, the app isn’t perfect yet. 

    There are a few bugs here and there – when I want to switch from my Twitter stream to my Twitter favorites, the program minimizes itself. 
    You also can’t access other people’s Storify streams from the iPad application – it’s strictly an editor for your own stories. 
    Although you can technically get around that using the internal browser.’
    Speaking of which, I haven’t quite got the hang of toggling back and forth between the browser and the story I’m editing – each time I go back it doesn’t start from where I left off, unlike the Twitter interface. 

    But as with the case of my iPad’s crappy camera, I’m so overjoyed with everything else that’s included, that I will wait patiently for the next version to be released, even if it means paying for my upgrade.

    Because yes, Storify has made me THAT happy.

  20. More Coverage of the iPad – Storify Union

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    RT @ScottinDC: Use your iPad for on-the-go storytelling w/ @Storify snlg.ht/zv0Tvc #sm #gov20 #opengov
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    You can share all of your favourite stories with this new app called Storify. ow.ly/9fmcG via @10000Words
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    RT @ckanal: Tried out @storify’s new iPad app for #CNNdebate – here’s the result sfy.co/bKA
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    Video of the Day (Storify’s new iPad app makes it Twitter’s Pinterest) bit.ly/Aa5tSS via @AddThis
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    Pinterest is to Facebook as Storify’s new iPad app is to Twitter scoble.it/xUI502 via @Scobleizer
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    Storify disponible aplicación para iPad onthegeek.com/storify-dispon… vía @onthegeek
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    Storify für iPad ist da. Endlich!!! pinterest.com/pin/1182899276…

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