What kind of animal do you think I am – did you really think I was just gonna put up horror stories?

Naw, man, I love my most of my customers, they’re why I’m here. Couldn’t go into semi-retirement without the clientele.

Here’s my favorite thing about customers. They’re brand loyal. I think it’s because we assume or align with the identity of a brand and make it about us. We love certain people because they remind us of ourselves. Homo sapiens are self-absorbed creatures, defining everything by the glint of the sun’s reflection from our Raybans.

To get known in internet marketing, become larger than life. Become a brand and wrap your online persona up in that brand. Make it a portable brand in case you want to get out of internet marketing one day.  That’s important. The reason why I can’t just up and leave internet marketing is my own success bit me in the ass.  Since I don’t have a portable brand, I have to use my brand as leverage to build an adjacent brand to fill my space so that my business has worth without me as a personality.

Five favorite things about customers real quick, then I have to go pay March’s rent.

  1. Once they believe in your brand they’ll be back again and again
  2. There’s this weird space where they become part of your life almost as friends – more than associates, and more than customers, but you wouldn’t ask them to help you move or anything
  3. Testimonials. Getting a heartfelt testimonial is the best feeling there is outside of sex
  4.  No messy break-ups
  5. They keep food in my belly in exchange for my best ideas.

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