I’m going to regret saying this. The deal is that I write what I’m think, no BS so here goes.

Sometimes I loathe my clients. Maybe that’s an overstatement. I don’t hate most of them. Most of them I love to be honest. Most of them are great people. Lots of them are grateful and say I rescued their business, and by extension, their lives. I wish I could take that to sthe market to buy bread – save for that, feedback of that ilk pales next to monetary compensation.

But I hate lazy, miserable, light-sucking, lazy, shiftless bastards. Everyone probably does. Of course, half of the people who hate them ARE them and that’s the problem.

I remember this one lady. She goes to buy a book I’m selling. Her email has her site name in it, so I go there out of curiousity. A week later she asks for a refund. It so happens that it would take the average person about a week to implement the changes. I go to her site. She’s made the changes suggested in my book. Some of them are unmistakeable.

Now, pay attention. I tell her to write to Clickbank and they’ll give her a refund. I learned early on not to put much energy into fighting refunds. There’s so few of them in the grand scheme that it’s better just to accept that there are losers out there who aren’t entitled to one but want their money back anyway.

She writes back angry. “How dare you refuse my American right to return my products! I thought your product was horrible and I did not use a single suggestion from it. Your ideas are ridiculous and I want my money back.”

I repeat the process.

She writes back again even madder.

I finally had to write to Clickbank myself.

Some people are too stupid to breathe. I wonder how they get to work, how they cross the streets. How are you smart enough to hustle me, but too dumb to forward an email. What is clearer than saying, here’s how to get your refund, just forward this whole email? I didn’t argue with her. I didn’t tell her I knew she was a fraud and a phony.

Maybe it’s not customers I hate. Maybe it’s the Ignorant. Hm.


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