I am the bestest Internet Marketer in the free world, and in the er- non-free - is that how you say it polictically correctly? If so, I'll have to change it.  Look how seriously I take SEO. Ha.I said that I’d comment on other posts in the current Carnival I am featured in, both here and at other assorted sites, so here’s a link dump that’s a bit different from the one at the Working at Home Carnival page (that way if you’ve already been there it’s not a waste of your time).

—-> Sidebar. <— Maybe I should host a carnival. If you have suggestions for topics, holla back.

Vahid Chaychi had a decent enough article in the carnival, but I liked the article about Viral Marketing WAY better. And it reminded me to start using pictures.

Self Improvement Articles contributed What it Takes to be a Winner for the Carnival. Nice snapshot of Abraham’s Lincoln’s failures. Also read It’s Easy to Earn Money, which is actually by Bob Proctor.

Getting Green is a way cool site, and told me about a Cashier’s Check scam I didn’t know about. Good thing (for me anyway) that I cash my checks at the counter is all I’ll say.

There’s a dope one on how to live on $500 a month that I wish I had read in college.

—-> Sidebar. <—I’m better now at living below my means, though not saving. I just can’t work with the fact that there’s money sitting somewhere not making more money, so I usually keep rolling extra back into advertising. What I need to do is invest so I can watch my cash in action. And man, talk about a hard lesson to learn.

Think Like an Entrepreneur was Priscilla Ortiz’s contribution. Decent motivational points. She also covered a Forbes article on the Top 5 Tax Breaks for Entrepreneurs.

That’s it for now. Sometimes I rhyme fast, sometimes I rhyme slow, right now I rhyme sleepy, and if you don’t know? Now you know, playa. More of these lata.


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