I almost forgot about today – if my phone hadn’t been set, I wouldn’t have remembered to write this until tomorrow. A lot has happened since I started this experiement. I was looking to do three things.

  1. First, and most importantly, amuse myself while I hopefully recovered from an illness I’ve been dealing with for 14 years. I did amuse myself, but my recovery has Not gone as well as I hoped. I’m considering it a pass.
  2. Show people who I have trained to blog that you don’t need a name behind you, or some huge marketing campaign to start a large enough following to make money from blogging. Instead of trying to create one super blog and become an A-list blogger, my advice is often to start several smaller blogs that are on a topic you care about.I hit all my numbers, and spent less than $1000 on the whole thing if you count the prize money I’ll be giving out. If this blog was consistent with other small, niche-within-niche blogs that I’ve created, I would have made around $600 a month with this blog, even though circumstances caused me to have to stop blogging halfway through the project.

    Too bad you have to put up ads in order to have income. SO, I actually have to start this project all over again on another topic. Dang. Maybe I can use this one as a traffic example. I am quite screwed there. Guess we can call that one a fail on the experiement side, but a pass on the fun and traffic side.

  3. Share some of the lessons I’ve learned about the industry my health is forcing me to leave. Yes, all that stuff about selling my company for a deal that could make me a millionaire over the next year is true.And yes, I’m leaving marketing as of today.I’ve never done a pure marketing product before, so I’ve decided to never do one, and just give away advice, tips, tools etc, here for free whenever the mood strikes me.I’m going to stick around to help the people who will inherit my company in about a year with the traffic and website promotion company I sold them, but purely as a consultant and writer. My internat marketing days, which never really started, are over.From today on, I’m an author, and I plan to make a living from selling books and blogging. At the moment, I’m kind of screwed in that capacity, because I haven’t been able to keep up the writing side of it.

My name is Tinu Abayomi-Paul. As I’ve said, I’m not terribly famous (at least I hope not), just well-known in certain circles. I used to run Free Traffic Tips, Leveraged Promotion and a few dozen other smaller spin-off sites.

In late January, I took some time off to have what I thought would be a quick outpatient procedure having to do with a degenerative disc disorder I’ve been dealing with for 14 years, which has only been truly bad the last 5 years. Long story short, I have to quit my business to save myself. It’s not just my body that’s been suffering, it’s my soul. But I’ll go into that another day because this is getting really long.

For those of you who thought I was a dude, my bad. I’m really sorry about that. I picked the name Tatum as an alias because I thought it could be a man or a woman’s name. Wrong. I usually do better research, but life has taken me to some weird places these past few months.where the Tatum pic came frome

Everything else I’ve said in this blog is true, though some names and genders have been changed to keep people guessing or avoid the anger of friends, or to avoid witch hunts, etc, you get the idea.

So, that’s it. I’ll be back with more soon. Over the next week I’ll change up all the bios and such.


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