In WordPress 2.1, I kept having issues with my Global Translator Plug-in, which had previously been bringing me a MAD injection of bi-lingual surfers. Because it works fine in Opera, I knew it was working on some level but couldn’t figure out what the deal was. I left a note over at the page for the plug-in and Ibnu over at SEO Tier had the answer for me. I wish he had it on his pages so I could link to it, and not just on the page of the plug-in.

Luckily I have the SOLUTION for WordPress 2.1! For those who are using WordPress 2.1, go to OPTIONS | READING and UNCHECK the option “WordPress should compress articles (gzip) if browsers ask for them”

Apparently the translated pages wont show to some browsers if you enable the Gzip function.

Hope this helps :D

When more people who had the plug-in installed see this fix, more cats will turn it on. Thank you Ibnu!


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