Who’s got two thumbs, and is really geeked about attending the Marketing Profs’ B2B Marketing Forum in Boston in a couple of days?

This guy!

(Guess that really doesn’t play well in text, huh? Anyway…)

The sign of a person who is truly wise and learned at their craft is one who knows that they know not all: it is known.

That of course meant that when I was granted a press pass to cover this event as editor of Women Grow Business, words like “overjoyed” came to mind. Not only is it a great chance to learn from a great line up of speakers, it’s an excellent chance to network and gather some peer knowledge as well.

They’re going to cover a wide range of topics at this event, there’s everything from mobile marketing and social media to content marketing and search. And if you have a more intimate question? A fantastic feature of the forum that I haven’t seen pulled off effectively elsewhere is the one-on-one therapy session where you could get 15 minutes of personal attention from one of the on-site experts.

This is why I love Marketing Profs in general – there’s all kinds of fun yet pivotal items like this spread througout the program. Special wink and a nod ot the form they created to help you justify this trip to your boss if you do marketing in-house for a single firm or agency.

Let’s talk about speakers, shall we?

Here’s a few I’m excited about seeing (with some quotes from their bios on the website):

Jill Whalen | @jillwhalen
CEO, High Rankings
I talked about her all the time in my early days of Free Traffic Tip. She is among a handful of search professionals who I consider to be the gold standard in ethical conduct and integrity.  “In addition to editing the High Rankings Advisor newsletter and blog, she authored The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines.”

Tim Washer | @TimWasher
Social Media Manager, Cisco Systems
I don’t know much about him professionally. I follow him on Instagram because, well, he’s hilarious, and really has the art of speaking with pictures down to a science. And yeah, since I was totally geeked when he heart-ed one of my photos, I’ll be doubly so to learn from him.

“Currently social media manager at Cisco Systems, he previously headed social media video production at IBM. Tim’s work has appeared in Advertising Ageand The New York Times, and his comedy credits include the Late Show with David Letterman and SNL.”

Lee Odden | @leeodden
CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
Another search professional who practices what he preaches that I’ve only ever interacted with online. Just ADORE his blog. It’s love.

“He’s been cited by The Economist and Advertising Age for his online marketing expertise, and shares his smarts on the popular TopRankBlog.com. Lee authored the recently published Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing

Shelly Kramer | @ShellyKramerFounder and CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing
How could a living, breathing person not be full-on geeked out about the ability to learn from Shelly in person? I met her in person when we went to SxSW and she’s helped me get out of more than one jam, professional and otherwise. She’s one of those people who you lay in wait to Super-size the reciprocation for whatever favor she’s done for you.

You just ache to be able to help her with any little thing because the experience is so positive.

“Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers and widely considered one of the most influential women on Twitter, she’s half marketer, half geek, with a propensity for numbers and producing results.”

Mika Lofton | @MarComm3
Senior Pro Marketing Manager, eBusiness & Channel, Behr Process Corporation
“Mika Lofton drives eBusiness solutions, websites, eCommerce, and online communities for BehrProSM.” Mika isn’t someone I’m aquainteed with online or friends with offline. But her name keeps popping up on the speakers list for a lot of top programs. So I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table.

Kami Watson Huyse | @kamichat
CEO & Founder, Zoetica Media
I had the chance to work on a project for Zoetica and got to work directly with Kami– ENVY me. She is an absolute charm to work with, and manages to be both charming and exacting at the same time – a hard trick to pull off, particularly while remaning professional. I learned a lot from her, and was so happy to spend some time with her briefly at SxSW as well.

“Kami Watson Huyse, founder of Zoetica Media, is a national leader on the use of social media for public relations.”

Add to these incredible folks the possibility of being able to steal the wonderful Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) for another drink, and the opening keynote by Baratunde Thurston (@baratunde), and I feel incredibly lucky to have been blessed with this opportunity. I’ve been a fan of Baratunde’s since I first encountered him on Twitter.

Wish you were me? Wish no longer. There’s still a few seats left, so if you’re thinking about it, register right now. If you go, drop me a line so we can have coffee.

Or if you’re still not convinced you should go, maybe we can let Ann Handley and some more folks explain it to you in this video. (If you’re drinking something, finish first – unless distributing liquid via your nose is part of your general plan. This video is THAT funny.

*Don’t know when the formatting got all squirrelly on me, was fine last night. Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the issues this morning.


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