This happened last October. I’d previously decided not to blog about it. Then I realized that over the course of a year, Safeway lost about $20,000 from my household, and since I have such a huge extended family that I complained about this to, potentially five times that, even if half of them simply ignored me.

Safeway stopped delivery in our area with very little forewarning — it was the only grocery delivery service that came to our area. It’s not a bad area, nor is it sparsely populated. A driver I ran into, who didn’t know they were going to stop making deliveries to our area, told us they send more groceries with higher grocery totals to where we live, than to the rest of their route, which they will be keeping.

It’s certainly bad enough that they ended a service that we need, with no notice or request of what we think. Some people think that because the change doesn’t seem to make economic sense, that it may be racially motivated.

I doubt that but I can see why it’s coming up. They kept the “white” areas and stopped delivering to the “black” areas, even though the “black” areas make them more money.

But if it was racially motivated, I believe the move would have happened a long time ago.

There’s no getting around the fact that Safeway made this move with very little class or finesse. But it didn’t seem like a big enough issue to make noise about. I just don’t shop at Safeway anymore. We have a big family and I could easily spend $1000 a month on groceries if I was the only one shopping. But I guess they’re a big company and won’t miss me.

However, it was in exceptionally poor taste for Safeway to then send me a coupon asking me to come back.

Isn’t smart enough to know why I’m gone?


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