I was over at Photomatt today and the discussion over there on Technorati is getting interesting. He was talking about a potentially offensive headline for the Technorati Buzz TV.

You can go over there to read my full comments on the whole Technorati buzz TV business and their recent, potentially offensive Jesus headline – here I want to talk about why I think Technorati is in a coma.

They aren’t what they used to be. Not in a “what happened to old school hip-hop” kind of way, either. Who cares if they ever what they were, as long as they continue to be something great, which they just aren’t now. So, off the top, let me say, I appreciate that they send my blogs traffic – the first traffic I usually see is from Technorati after launching, though not in the same volume as before.

But man. You ever see an old girlfriend from high school and think, what happened to her? Not that she got fat – everyone gets fat. (See Gross Point Blank re: Joan Cusack’s character’s experience with high school reunions, “It was as if everyone had swelled.”)

It’s like the competition from Google Blog Search, Icerocket and other sites caught Technorati on the chin and it bobbed when it should have weaved, then never recovered from the injury.

It’s not the hot shit anymore. And I think it’s partly because 1- they’re trying to do too much now, without doing their primary purpose well, 2- other sites got in on their exclusive best area (like Google Blog Search), and 3- they seem to be getting way too far into what is kosher blogging and what isn’t, instead of letting bad blogs just naturally fall to the bottom of the pile.

Technorati rarely works for me. The link count to my blogs has been inaccurate since middle of last year on an on-going basis. If I register any of my blogs, the link count is more wrong than if I don’t claim them. If I follow tags at Technorati instead of with Google I always miss something. They only seem to care about helping you if you’re an A list blogger. At least Google is consistent – I never get an answer writing to them and I still don’t. With Technorati, if they answer it’s the best customer service ever. But it only happens about ten percent of the time.

So I’m with Shoemoney on asking the question, WTF is up with Technorati. If you’re frustrated with Technorati, you should read through the comments on the page, because you’re definitely not alone. I saw one from Darren from Problogger, whose word I really respect on the subject of blogging in general, and Technorati specifically. Not to mention that the Shoemoney site is Godly, period.

I tell you what though. I loved Technorati then, and I’d still be a devotee if they came back strong. Technorati is dead, but long live Technorati.


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