Seven questions to ask before your choose your blog platform.
In this age where the bype of business blogging is plateauing, and people are starting to realize that blogging has real, permanent benefits, it’s time to ask yourself one of two questions. 

  • Does my planned blogging vision suit my company?, or,
  • Is my current blog strategy both cost-effective and brand-effective?

So here are seven quesitons to ask yourself.

  1. Does my blog have a style consistent with the rest of my site?If most of your site is professional and your blog looks like a third-grader put it up, it won’t be taken seriously.
  2. Can my blog get wide exposure?One blog with one feed won’t do it unless you were already at the top of your industry when you started.
  3. If my blog gets popular, will I be affected by outages as my traffic increases?On some systems, it won’t even take a traffic increase for your blog to be offline for half a day. Not. Professional.
  4. Will my blog give me a break?If you wanted to go on a six week vacation could you go without leaving someone to mind your blog? Would your audience be there when you got back?
  5. Is your blog search-friendly?Some blogs can help solve your SEO problem. Some won’t help you no mater what you do to them. One can keep you consistently ranked if you know how to configure it, as long as you keep content in it. (Call us and we’ll tell you which one. No charge, honest).
  6. Your blog message and your site message – are they congruent?As important as your logo is what your site “says” at a glance. This means just as much when it comes to your blog.
  7. Who is going to buy this cow?You don’t want to give the milk away by the gallon. You just want to give free taste samples. So it’s not just about what you’re blogging with, the blog topic, or your blog template. It’s about learning the finer points of blogging, in a way that is specific to your company and brand as possible.

Your blog has got to match or enhance your brand, in appearance, message, utility and reach. A blog that brings your brand down is worse than no blog at all.


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