Anytime I market a product I have to make a decision. I once thought it was smartest to just find a balance between the two, however, a lot will depend on how good the product is vs how necessary.

For instance, if you are the only vendor offering a certain type of product, all you do is find the people in need in the market place and pose your solution. In that case, it’s a volume numbers game – get as many of those people as you can to your product.

This can even work if you’re an affiliate – if you’re the only one offering a special kind of bonus to people who buy through you, or you find a special way to market it that other affiliates ignore, it’s still all about the numbers.

You’ve also got the situation that is more common, and that’s when there is competition. In this case, you can’t just rely on being in the way of your client, hanging out where they are, and helping them buy.

The sales page will need to be a little more convincing. The price might have to be more competitive. You may need social proof, in the form of a good reputation, testimonials, or through building trust with your prospects in their natural online habitat.

You’ll have to target your prospect more carefully so you won’t be wasting money on the wrong kind of advertising. Testing and tracking will become your mantra.

If I ever had to make a blind choice, I’d err on the side of exacting quality in my numbers game, rather than quantity, but that’s with my current expertise. If I was a novice, or could not afford to hire a copywriter, etc, I’d do the best I could on my own, and then do a quantity push.

Choose your numbers game carefully the next time you market.


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