I know. I keep writing about blogging tools for internet marketing, and I swear I’ll move on soon. But right now I’m obsessed.

Outpost Earth takes the idea of submitting a link to a directory to the next level. Using your RSS Feed,  the dynamic blog directory and world network actively promotes your feed to new readers. Some features:

  • When you make a new post, the headline is fed to the front page of their site, also letting readers know the category of your words.
  • New members have their icons on the front page as well.
  • Featured posts take up the largest part of the front page – not sure at the moment how they are determined.

I haven’t had much traffic from them yet – but ease up, I just joined yesterday! I’ll have an update for you soon. Eventually, when I do my blogvertising experiment, I’m going to include them.

Eventually meaning March at the latest.


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