Naseem Javed of E-Commerce Times writes about why internet branding is important to corporations
Even with all the talk of branding, online branding and cyber-branding, it seems that most corporations are below the mark when it comes to having ” distinct personality and visibility”, or “value to the end user”, according to a study by ABC Namebank.

From “Internet Branding: The Corporate Image Challenge of 2006” :

Corporations are in need of quick and serious shock therapy to prod them out of the complacency of owning a few flashy Web sites. The exuberance that attended these early achievements fueled the false notion in many corporate boardrooms that their firms had become “the master players of global e-commerce.”

Let’s face it; most organizations were able to perpetrate this misconception because they had a few Web pages linking to the Net. That won’t work anymore. E-commerce has become vast, and it demands a deeper understanding of how to capitalize on this freely available trillion-dollar public infrastructure

Author Naseem Javed goes on to point out the major areas that corporations need to work on to stand out online.


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