1. Before the Event

  2. It’s been about a month since Ignite DC #9 and pieces are still fresh in my memory. Each time is a new experience but I still get the same electric feeling of palpable anticipation and excitement from the crowd when I arrive. The following pictures capture none of that. But if you’ve been to one they’ll remind you of that feeling, somehow…. 🙂 
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  4. Before the event begins there’s also food and drink. Why don’t more gatherings with peer leadership involve alcohol? 

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  8. Impressions, Pictures and Videos of the Presentations

  9. Quick note: The snippets featured here aren’t necessarily my favorites or even the audience’s – I go something from every speaker. The things included in this summary represent pictures that came out best, or when a fellow audience member captured a moment well or said something really funny. 

    So please go the Ignite-DC Blip.tv page listed directly below and carve out time to watch all the videos – perhaps one a day for a week. You won’t be sorry.
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    Justin Thorp telling us his experiences with Runkeeper & how his friends & co-workers encouraged him. #ignitedc
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    “sharing is just like reaching out your hand, you never know who will reach back.” #ignitedc
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    Justin Thorp Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Lisa Schaefer Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Danny Harris Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Stefanie Reeves Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Ifdy Perez Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Jim McBride Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    “If a person walked into your office right now, what would they think of you?” paraphrasing @kacypaide on why organizing matters #ignitedc
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    Kacy Paide Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Nicholas Michael Bashour Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    #lytro captures from #igniteDC! Play with the living pictures and enjoy! Leave me a tweet if you have a comment! lyt.ro/GISBfH#.T2vfNL-Ptso…
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    Greg Roth Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Noah Chestnut Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
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    Lee Finkel Presents at Ignite D.C. 9
  46. So When Is The Next One? 

  47. I don’t know. I find that following their Twitter account, checking Eventbrite and of course, their website, keeps me pretty informed, though I have occasionally missed one or two due to calendar conflicts since I started going. I’ve let you the links below – hope that helps. 🙂

    And if you end up speaking, let me know so myself and the crew that normally sits up front can cheer you on. 🙂


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