It will save you huge amounts of headache, heartache and pain if you think of search engine traffic as the gravy. It sure ain’t the whole turkey.

Relying on the search engines to get rich doesn’t work. They’ll feed you and help you maintain the same level of poverty, but Google traffic alone isn’t enough.

Clearly, search engine traffic, whether you buy it or get good rankings, is the shit if you can afford it. Still, you can have hoards of traffic from search engines and still be unsuccessful. If you have a crappy product, a weak ass sales letter, a bad rep, or you don’t keep in touch with the few clients you do get, even the best search engine strategy will only get you enough traffic to sustain poverty.

You want to get rich at Internet Marketing? Care about people and what they need. Make sure they only want to get it from you. Build a list of either 100 clients or ten thousand prospects, and keep selling to them, either different, related products, or increasingly more detailed information on the same subject.

Sure, search engine traffic can bring you people. You got to know what to do with them when they get to you no matter where they come from.


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