Disclaimer: Alexa is like the Billboard charts of websites. It’s not 100% accurate and goes less by mainstream traffic than anything else. I sure busted my ass promoting this site but I’m taking this ranking with a grain of salt.

I hit Alexa’s top 50K in 8 days. Technically I started this site on the 1st of February, but I didn’t start posting in earnest until the 8th. I’m writing this on the 16th, though it will publish on the 17th, and my traffic has jumped from 59 visitors my first day, to 198 visitors on Saturday. Those unique visitors generated over three thousand page views yesterday, not counting RSS of course.

(Those stats are from weblog analysis. My WP-ShortStats says 498 visitors, but I believe that either some people are returning several times a day as I update, or that a bunch of people come from ISPs that have cached my page, like AOL.)

Part of the reason I’m doing this blog in the first place is to prove that, with no name, no history and fairly decent posts, promoting yourself with a blog will get you fast, targeted traffic if you do it right. I also believe you should court your audience before you get anything back, so the advertising doesn’t go up until the 21st.

Here are the 7 things that helped the most:

  1. Setting up the blog correctly for light SEO – I’m getting spidered like crazy and ranked for long-tail terms.
  2. Favoring visitors over search engines by writing for them and letting the blog attract search engines on its own
  3. Researching the market and keeping track of what people most want to read
  4. Using Bumpzee, PlugIM, and to a lesser extent, MyBlogLog ethically so I’d have real visitors coming here and reading.
  5. Blog Carnivals
  6. The RIGHT kind of link promotion (Reciprocal linking is a waste of time. Linkbaiting works but I’m too busy to bother right now. Focus on high quality linking and blog networking first.)
  7. Real posts. Just repeating someone else’s news doesn’t do it anymore.

Here’s the link if you want to see. Saturday I ranked 42,659, last week, 107,268.


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