So first, a disclaimer. I’m assuming that I’m @KingsHawaiian‘s favorite influencer because though I don’t really think of myself as your typical tastemaker, I do think of myself as generally awesome. They’ve paid me nothing for this blog post, but yeah, I’d take their money and update this disclaimer to say so. 🙂

There’s no guarantee that this method will work on every person because people are different. For instance, I love Kings Hawaiian bread because it reminds me of the bread my grandmother used to make for us in the kiln at her house in Oṣogbo when we visited her.

However, if your favorite influencer loves what you make as much as I love to eat King’s Hawaiian bread, I’m going to tell you the story of how they made me happy enough to share what they sent me and then also write about it, in 24 hours.

How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part One: Participate in Conversations to Find Out Who Loves You

This all started because Steve Plunkett mentioned eating Kings Hawaiian bread. With pictures, the devil…



How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part Two: Send a low pressure greeting and a call to action.

I responded in the only appropriate way.

And King’s Hawaiian took that opportunity to say hello with a teasing call to action.

So of course I DM’ed them immediately.

They asked me for a street address to ship a treat to- I gave them one. I mentioned in celebration how jealous my sister would be. (She and her two sets of twins live with me.) And they hinted that they’d throw in something for her too.

So my expectation was set. They weren’t specific, but I expected a round loaf of King’s Hawaiian bread and maybe a coupon. I still can’t believe what they did instead. I’ll come back to that shortly.

How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part Three: Follow Up FAST

In less than 24 hours, I received this package.


They could have cheaped out on shipping and let it get to me in three days instead of one. But by moving at the speed of social, they were fresh in my mind, and I was impressed.

You might not be able to send treats to the people you select this fast, but you could also:

  • send tracking info on the package
  • send a follow up greeting, thanking them for writing
  • offer a useful PDF download such as a coupon, recipe or discount on services

How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part Four: Do More Than Expected.

As I said, I was expecting a loaf of bread and some coupons for which I would be quite grateful. Instead they sent:

  1. Not just any bread, but the rolls that I said were my favorite
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Cute sandwich box
  4. Coupons
  5. A recipe (not pictured)
  6. A tote bag
  7. an extra one of each of those for my would-be-jealous sister!

How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part Five: Personalize It

You know, it would have been fine if they sent me a bunch of stuff in a box. It would have been great if they sent me exactly what they sent everyone else.

But at the end of a weird, hard day, getting something personalized made my day. There was a card inside with a handwritten note. Who does that? Nearly no one- I know because I like to send handwritten notes with gifts or in their stead.

Now I have yet another positive association with King’s Hawaiian bread. The next time I stand in front of the bread rolls at the store, do you think calorie-counting or my emotions will win?

At minimum of course I’m going to use my BOGO coupons. My niece and nephews that live here loved the bread and ate it all over this past weekend. So now even if I don’t buy it for myself I’ll be getting it for them.

How to Get Your Favorite Influencer to Write About You Part Six: Continue Being Wonderful and Gracious

Before I decided to accept a package from King’s Hawaiian and after it came, I skimmed their Twitter account, to see how they conduct themselves with people. I also wanted to know if they pressured people who they sent items too, as some brands do, to write about what they got.

Not that I necessarily blame these brands, though I don’t agree with that high pressure tactic. A reminder is one thing but insistence reads as desperate. But the reason I read them is that I have a chronic health issue that sometimes hits unexpectedly and will sometimes prevent me from doing basic things like writing blog posts.

So I always want to exclude myself from promotions that are desperate for immediate exposure. I may or may not write about you. It could happen immediately or in 6 months.

Afterwards, I wanted to first, thank them and second, was curious to see just how far their excellent conduct would continue. In some companies it’s part of the culture, and is just how they roll. In others it’s a put-on for the sake of press or publicity.

At some point you see through people who treat you like your follower number or perceived reach. And there’s no way for King’s to know that I can reach a lot more people than my profile lets on. From my own interactions they seem like genuinely good people at a company founded on the passion of what they do.

One Thing King’s Hawaiian could have done differently

This was a great experience, and made my day, then my weekend when at the last minute, I could no longer go out. A small thing I’d have added was a retweet of my pictures of the swag I got.

But within the context of their account, I can also see why they chose not to do this.

First, you don’t want a bunch of freebie seekers claiming to like you just so you’ll send them stuff. I had to go into their mentions to figure out that they sent anything that all.

Second, retweeting praise can come across as immodest, depending on the tone of your existing account.

Third, their account has a definitive pattern of high quality photos and recipe suggestions, with coupons interspersed. They consistently get faved and retweeted.

If I’m choosing influencers, I’m looking for people who get responses over people who have reach. So I would know that this person is going to get retweets etc, with or without me. So I might keep my thanks and other comments in private messages, as King’s did with me here.


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