Getting search engine traffic without the SEO pains

So how do you get hundreds of first page rankings? Are you expecting me to say Pay per click? If so, you must be new here. 😀 

Am I going to tell you to get ranked for lots of terms that get no traffic? Nope, sorry, not that either.

Here’s what you need to do. You need get someone to help you find a traffic-ready content deficit that matches your industry, and learn how to exploit it. Now, normally exploitation is a bad thing – but in this case, there’s a specific party that Wants you to do it. You’ll never guess who.

No it’s not me. Yes, I do hope you ask me to help you find your content deficit one day soon. For now, I’m just happy you’ll know what to ask for, and glad to help you shave a year off your learning curve about search engines.

So who wants you to exploit content deficits?

The search engines. Yes, Google, and Bing actually would love to give you a first page ranking. So why don’t you have one?

Because you’re probably trying to bend the search engine rules to fit your site in, instead of bending your search strategy to fit the search engines. That, or you are attempting to win a race by starting at the finish line.

There is No Spoon, Neo…

It’s time to change the way you think about search.

Most people will think, “I want to rank number one for marketing.” They’ll find out that top sites ranked for marketing get around 3,878 visitors per day and proceed to direct every waking moment to capturing this term at any cost. They think if they make their site SEO-perfect, the visitors will follow.

The belief is that ten times more traffic from “marketing”- or only optimizing your pages for “marketing”- will equal ten times more clients. And even if this weren’t a highly inappropriate, unlikely term to capture, that ratio probably isn’t true in this case. General terms tend to bring browsers instead of buyers.

Be the person who thinks “I need 4000 more visitors this month – what are the best ways to get them.” not “I must rank number one for this, and only this term.” You’ll likely make more money and have fewer headaches to boot.


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