Make that if you’re

  • flat broke
  • are a networking hermit (can’t do a joint venture)
  • have bad credit (can’t get a merchant account and think you can’t collect money)

So, essentially, if you have only a product and time to work. How do you get your product to be popular and all that.

  1. Inculde a way for people to sign up to your list in your sales letter.
  2. Isolate your sales letter, and combine the list builder into one page.
  3. Use Clickbank, 2Checkout and PayPal to start taking money. You don’t need great credit for any of them. If you can’t even get a checking account, do a search for checkless checking accounts in Google. Sign up for one that takes direct deposit. You may need an EIN, but use your name, and not your company name, until you get your check situation straightened out.
  4. Direct ALL the traffic you get from the steps we’re about to go through to that one page.
  5. Find a hot tip or secret and write an article anout it. In the resource box, put your subscribe address, the sales letter, and offer a freebie, a really good, related freebie that they can only get by signing up at your sales page.
  6. Put together a whole bunch of free content in one site, such as a blog. Only link out from that site to the sales page the first week. Make the free content area a sub-directory of the first site. Do a short update every day. Automate it if you can -but with your own unique content. Curious people will go to the home page.
  7. Make sure this resource has an RSS feed. Update that daily too.
  8. If you used a blog for your content site, join mybloglog and visit other people every day. Don’t spam.
  9. Make a list of the top ten forums and yahoo or google groups in your genre. Visit them with helpful tips every day and leave the link to your free content.
  10. Send out a press release every week. For now, just do free ones, and don’t forget to mention the freebie.
  11. Start a podcast. Make the tips short and update it daily. Mention your site at the start and end of each issue.
  12. Do a short how to video related to your product and submit it to every video site. Make a watermark of your site url on the screen.
  13. Approach ezine editors with affiliate deals after you’ve been subscribed for at least a month. Offer them half the profits if they’ll run a solo ad for you. Make sure the way they get their money is automated, like with Clickbank.
  14. Do interviews and webinars for other people. If you’re not an expert, have`them asyour guests. Offer them half the profits for all the sales they’ll attract from you being on their program, or at their site, or vice versa. Publicize this on your free content site as well.
  15. Give away your product to people you admire – ask for their honest opinion. Integrate their ideas, then offer them half the profits if they’ll promote it, and a special deal to your audience for their product as well.
  16. Sign up for every ezine that offers free ads and send your ad as soon as allowed.
  17. Get as many free directory links as you can. Don’t forget ezine directories or blog search engines.

Take one of those tips and do them, at least one a day for fourteen days, then go back to five and start over. by the end of the second week you should have a small but steady stream of cash flow, which will go up the more ways you find to publicize yourself. Try a site called too.


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