I figure anyone can tell you how they got started up to the point that they were on their way. I always think it’s cool when someone tells you their story up until the part where their success came from. So this is really the first of two parts.

I got started fast because I needed to pay my rent fast. I’d dabbled for a while, but I lost another job because I was sick too much and I had to get paid, and right now. The first thing I did was try and find a secret that had to do with solving people’s problems. So I went to everyone I knew to ask and asked them, what do you most want to know, besides how to make money in internet marketing.

The one thing people wanted most, I wouldn’t be able to teach quick enough to write a book about. So I started a service.

If I was going to tell someone where the fastest money is in internet marketing today, I’d tell them to start a service. Back then, there weren’t many places to facilitate the process of meeting people. You had forums, and a few sites that put freelancers together with people who needed someone to do a job, and that was it.

Now you can network with LinkedIn, MySpace, blogs, still forums, answer jobs at elance, rent a coder, all over the place.

One service in particular demand now is article writing. If you’re a fair writer, can learn a little SEO, and speak English fluently, do your first few jobs at the price international writers charge to make a quick few hundred bucks. You probably think, why would I want to make only six bucks an hour, but get a few good reiews and you can increase your prices. Meanwhile you’re blowing out your competitors. Anyone cheaper doesn’t know English like you.

And that five to seven dollars an hour isn’t for flipping burgers, plus no one is taking taxes out off the top.

Back to the lecture at hand….

Since I’d built a list of about 1000 people at that time, I went to my list and told them about my service, which was related to the free ecourse I had given away in recent weeks. I got five clients that day. Provided the service, collected my money, that was that. Rent was paid and I had a new business.

Up next, how I went from just surviving the poverty of the moment to making a decent living, then a successful living.



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