When I first started working for myself I was petrified but exhilarated. I had bounced around to many jobs since I’d been in college, but none of them lasted more than a year. My dream was to find a job doing what I loved, which was getting a feeling of satisfaction from providing great customer service. The actual experience of interacting with someone who ususally arrives unhappy or distressed isn’t always wonderful. But it’s worth it when you realize that you made someone’s life better.

Sometimes, if you really, really want something, life will give you a push in that direction that feels like a mean kick in the ass. I lost my job because I was out too much when I was sick. It wasn’t like I had a cold or something, I was physically ill and there wasn’t a good, official explanation of what was wrong with me.

At the time I thought it was a disaster. After a few more odd jobs, I started looking for answers. How was I going to work for myself with bad credit, no savings, no credentials, no college degree? Who’d listen to me? Didn’t I need to be an expert? What if people didn’t like my ebooks? Why did I think I could write an ebook?

Then I started buying other people’s stuff to see what was out there. Some of it was utter crap! Half of it!

So if there were people out there basically hustling people out of their money with shoddy products, I could make something useful and make a fortune! If they could do it, I could do it – right?

If you’re reading this because you want to know the answer to that, here’s the surprising truth about that.

Anyone who is willing to work hard, every day for about a year, can make at least a part time income from the Internet. There aren’t any shortcuts and no matter what anyone tells you, someone either has to do a lot of work, or invest a lot of money to be successful online. If you have ten thousand dollars, and you slowly put all of it into advertising, you could become successful just by putting the return you make back in until you’ve made it to your goal. You could even start with a thousand dollars and get there, though it will take longer.

It doesn’t even have to be your product.

If you were flat broke like I was, and don’t have a lot to invest, you have to find out what people want, find out where they congregate, and be there with the answer they want. Then just present it to them in the most compelling way.

So either one of those are the paths to your success.

Coming up soon:

  • What’s the one secret trait you need to maximize your success with Internet Marketing, more than any other thing?
  • How does your attitude determine your destiny in internet marketing?
  • What if you have no credit, no money, no friends, are a networking hermit, aren’t creative, but are willing to work hard?
  • How did I get started with no money, no job, bad credit, no way to accept money, no friends in internet marketing and no experience?

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