If you’re faced with more traffic from search engines, or better traffic regardless of source, what do you choose?
The truth is, the question of more search engine traffic vs. getting quality traffic from anywhere, is not necessarily an issue of choice. The fact is, you can shape your traffic building to be in line with building better search engine results by combining the two tasks under one philosophy, Search Engine Simplicity.
The concept of Search Engine Simplicity is geared towards getting the most amount of traffic, from search engines and elsewhere, with the least amount of daily effort.

Why constantly chase algorithms and tweak your site to pursue a single number one page ranking for a specific term, when you can rank on the first page for the entire keyword tree of several hundred keywords, with less effort?

This is the technique we employ at Leveraged Promotion. The irony? In the long run, you get those first page and number one rankings anyway…. and many of the rankings in-between. We’ll show you how to turn that traffic into more sales.


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