Quote from a Hugh Hefner interview on ABCNews Online
In an interview on with ABCNews.com’s Buck Wolf, Playboy’s Hugh Hefner had some interesting thoughts to share about how the Playboy brand has changed.

From the interview as reprinted on AOL.com:

BW: Playboy has diversified. But does it bother you that some segment of your under-30 crowd is not that aware of the magazine? They think of Playboy as cable TV programming, or a Web site, or a mansion where really cool celebrities hang out.

HH: Actually, just the opposite is true. The fact that Playboy expanded into other forms is everything I hoped for. It’s no longer limited to a magazine, and that, of course, didn’t happen by accident.

With the success of the magazine, instead of expanding into other magazines, we expanded into different extensions of the brand. We were the first magazine to use TV, the first to use a Web site. These are all variations of the brand, and it keeps the brand relevant.

What’s so interesting about that last paragraph is that you can see what visionary thinking does for companies that become wildly successful. Whether you’re a Playboy fan or not, you very likely know exactly what Playboy is. Expanding from the magazine into other areas doesn’t hurt the brand – rather it expands it to new audiences, and as Hugh himself said “keeps the brand relevant”.

If you’re still using traditional forms of media exposure, how relevant is your brand?


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