We’ll start with a definition of a brand, and expand into a few ways you can use the web to help establish yours.
What is a brand? Why do I want to establish and expand my company brand? How can I do this in an streamlined, effective fashion?

Many of these questions will be answered in this weblog. Today, let’s start with what a brand is.

Here’s one accepted definition:

A brand is a product from a known source (organization).

The emphasis is mine. It’s an important part of the equation, becoming known. Which brings us to blogging.

To become known, you want to be referenced, indeed, to become the default reference in a consumer’s mind. You want to share information that helps your prospects make a buying decision. You want to become synoymous with your niche.

When someone says “chocolate”, many of us immediately think Nestle or Hershey. Not necessarily because we like chocolate bars. It’s because in a sense they “own” the brand.

Let’s summarize then we’ll get into some specifics another day.

To have a successful blog, you want one of its purposes to be building your brand. Building your brand means becoming known. To be known you want to become referenced.

So how do you use your brand to get referenced? What can you write about in your blog and in other online content that will engage readers in “an accessible voice”?

These questions and more will be answered in subsequent posts to this blog. Stay tuned to learn ways to use your blog and other web content to brand yourself across the internet.

Here, we’ll share methods, examples, ideas and case studies that will help you go from one of the experts on your industry, to THE expert in your niche.

Rodney Rumford
Tinu Abayomi-Paul
Co-founders: Leveraged Promotion


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