Rich Brooks defeats the rip-fff of his blog posts and brands himself in one slick move.
On Technorati, on the front of the blog finder page you’ll find a list of featured blogs. I’d been to flyte before, but not lately. (Don’t forget to subscribe via RSS.)

I’ll have to do a whole other post on how Technorati features blogs that are good, but not necessarily popular.

But what the post is supposed to be about is the way Rich signs his posts. He hyperlinks his name to a page that has his about information, and then there’s another saying beneath it at the bottom.

This does two things

  1. Everytime you read one of his posts, you’re reminded of his name, as opposed to the name of the blog. Smart for branding purposes, as repetition and consistency are the glue holding that bad boy together.
  2. If anyone syndicates his content, they’re promoting him, like it or not. Nyah Nyah Nyah to the content stealer!

And I, the reader, am quite impressed.

Tinu Abayom-Paul


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