The 40 year Social Pendulum is swinging says Steve Jackson.
There’s an excellent article at the Internet Search Engine Database called Reality Branding that speaks very eloquently to the way online brands need to shift with the times. 

Here’s a short quote:

We”re switching from an idealistic society where it is Ok to dream, to a social society where getting things done is more important. The shift in society will have profound effects on branding and advertising over the next 20 years at least. 

You”re now in a generation that doesn’t respect individual achievements, rebellion or going it alone, mocks hype and doesn’t think James Bond is da man!

You”re now in a generation where people are tired of hype, tired of dreams and want to work together to get things done. Your peers want to do things that make the world a better place to live in rather than just dream about it. They recognize the problems around them and seek solutions to make things happen.

The author goes on to discuss how this relates to the way long-standing company brands must adjust to address the swinging social pendulum. Really intriguing material, give it a read.


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