A discussion on how a Blogsite solves a common blogging problem – blogs that don’t fit in with your brand
One of the most common reasons mid-sized businesses and corporations are reluctant to blog is that they are often torn between several choices in platforms that aren’t built with the brand in mind.

Some of the problems of the available standard solutions include:

  • Templates that do not seamlessly integrate with the current look and feel of the site
  • Software that is in the public domain, and as such, more susceptible to hacking, referrer spam, and various other security issues
  • Lack of integrated metrics to faciliate the process of measuring progress and quality assurance
  • Limited feed capabilities – even those that are available in more than one format only offer them for one channel of output.
  • Lacks integrated monitoring of industry news – bloggers spend less time creating content and more time hunting for content and verifying facts

Not only does a Blogsite address all these limitations with corporate-level solutions, it also adds:

  • Content channels available in every flavor, including RSS, Atom, OPML, Klip, Smart Tags, and of course, MyST (Blogsite is built by MyST technology)
  • Briefing channels – Topical RSS feeds which automatically provide updates to your chosen spheres of content
  • Professional Installation and on-going Technical Support
  • Flexible features that include trackback, commenting, and tagging
  • Inherent Keyword Positioning that leverages your content for better and wider search engine results
  • Custom design of your Blogsite template included in every installation – include your logo if you like. Coloring and Layout matches your site as closely as possible.
  • Remote hosting of the software (you don’t need to bog down your server), but all the content resides on your site, so you enjoy all the resulting traffic and linking benefits, which strengthens your entire site
  • Consulting is included on a level customized to suit you – from an aggressive, traffic slanted plan to educate a team of experienced bloggers, to personalized, laid-back, brand-centrice training for the new Blogsite owners.

Those are just a few of the features that are part of the Blogsite solution. This brand-minded platform seamlessly fits into your site, creating a distinctive blog solution.


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