If it doesn’t, it’s time you learned from someone who isn’t afraid to show you his Clickbank checks. My friend Josh over at HowToMakeMoneyWithA.com has a hot design – one of the few that can manage to integrate black into the color scheme and actually make it look cool. And that “post information” box is Like That.

–>Sidebar<— Meanwhile, I have a cookie-cutter site… Maybe I should hire him (or whoever did his design) to freshen up my design next week?

Of particular enjoyment was his series on how to Make Money with a Blog, that goes into details most people don’t think of, for instance, hosting. Your hosting makes a huge difference in the success of your blog, but most people don’t know that.

The only thing I don’t like about Josh’s site is that he doesn’t post enough – we want to see more Josh! Stop by and take a look.

Note: I’m not talking about Josh’s site because he talked about me in accord with the link agreement I just put up. His few number of posts wouldn’t qualify him. It’s because I think we need to see more voices of people who are up and coming. I learn much more from them than I do from established experts because being one myself I tend to be jaded, and they have a fresh eye. All the more reason you ought to check him out.


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