The minute you get the formula out of your head that yields only 1 – 1.5% of some mass number of people converting the better. Before you even try to get more visitors, think about getting the best visitors. Get the ideal person to come to your site in search of answers they are willing to pay for. That’s it.

With even a $10 product, 300 people A Month can have you quitting your day job. And if you’re really smart and can come up with a good membership site and the right price point, you’ll only have to sell to them once.

Do you think, over the course of a month, you can get 600 people, just 600, to a website? What if your conversion rate was 50% among targeted visitors? There’s your 300 right there.

Of course, that’s not typical. At first, you should be thinking of getting your conversion rate to 10%. To do that you need to make sure, as much as you can, that every single person who made it to that page has a problem that your product can solve, that they understand that your product will solve it, and that you can follow up with them until you do.

You’ll have to deal with boring issues like better sales copy, or hire someone to do it for you. Your ads will need to be better. You’ll have to come up with a system that has the highest possible probability that they’ll subscribe to your follow-up and eventually buy.

Everything you do from meeting people online in forums and on blogs, all the way down to  the delivery and after-product upsell will have to be examined and perfected, then the entire process needs to be automated.

But if you can do that, if you can take the time to learn, or the money to pay an expert, with even a decent product, you can become a full-time infopreneur.


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