Traffic rules the internet. If you can figure out the fine points of getting people to a site, to the point that you can turn the volume of people to a site up or down at will, the argument could be made that you could put off learning about conversion until another day.

You’re going to want to focus on learning about laser-targeted traffic, getting the most focused population to the product you want to sell. This is particularly useful if you’re an affiliate marketer.

I haven’t been an affiliate marketer in a long time. For a few years now, I’ve been one of those people that someone approaches to be a joint venture partner, someone who has affiliates rather than is one.  I’ve since decided that I would probably make a lot more money as an affiliate marketer, with a lot less stress, for the remainder of my online career.

That’s taking me back to my original days as an affiliate. And back then, there wasn’t much I could do about how good the sales page was, or whether the system I was sending people to really had good follow-up, and if so, if I’d still credited for the sale.

Eventually I learned how to pre-sell the prospect, and make friends first, so they’d want me to get credited for the sale.

However, my first sales, the ones that made me realize that I could change careers, came from knowing I was able to work intensively for a short period time on a burst of traffic. It  might be a better method if you’re new.

Be sure and remember, though, targeted traffic is where it’s at, from real bodies. Don’t be fooled by the imposters or you’ll end up broke and bitter.


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