There aren’t any videos here, let me clear that up before you click through from another page. We’re gonna have a discussion on how videos figure into marketing, briefly. I’m really interested in your opinion.

I’ve done video products before, almost all video, and they were among my best sellers. Ironic because sometimes I can’t even be bothered to watch video online, or sometimes I’m too busy. But if I Really need that information, or try a video series once and like it (Diggnation), or someone tells me about a hilarious video, I’ll probably stop what I’m up to and give it a go.

That made me thing of two things.

  1. What sort of alternatives should you offer people who don’t want to commit to video? Audio transcripts and a PDF file with screenshots? Should you at all? I had one client say he wasn’t going to buy the product because it was almost all video – but those who liked it, Really liked it.
  2. Is a person who will commit to watching a video, either as a purchase or to learn more about your product more committed and more likely to buy or even repeat buy than someone who is just looking for an ebook? Do they have more money (perhaps implied from needing high-speed and usually better equipment  to watch/download videos on a regular basis)?
  3. For people here from BUMPzee or anyone else who does affiliate marketing, do you find video a hard sell or an easier sell? More or less likely to convert?

I’ve seen a couple of article series about this around the web. I’ll do a link dump to them another time. Right now I’m curious to what you think, and I don’t want to bias that with the facts that currently prevail.


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