Every Business isn’t the same. Marketing them the same way won’t work.
Selling is selling when you get down to brass tacks. But Marketing doesn’t quite work that way. The medium can change it. The corporate or consumer atmosphere affects it. The relationship isn’t as cut and dried as supply and demand. But it’s there. 

Imagine if movies were marketed the same way as television shows. Since they’re similar, it seems like it would make sense at first. But wouldn’t it be weird to be watching a rerun of Seinfeld and see a 15 second spot that said “Next on the Theater 2 miles away, Mr. And Mrs. Smith is playing. In today’s film, viewers ignore the plot and try to figure out if Bradgelina was dating during the picture.”

There you are on your comfortable couch, waiting for your favorite (free) show to come on, and you’re supposed to care what is happening around the corner? As if you’d get dressed and go around the corner for that when you’re already comfortable and have what you want.

And yeah, there’s that minority it would work on. But  really, no, it wouldn’t work at a rate that would make the spots cost-effective, especially since you’d have to have thousands of personalized versions.

So maybe. Just maybe, the way we market our businesses in newspaper ads or at trade shows isn’t the way we market our sites online.

I know. The parallel could be stronger. But the point is important enough to risk the stumble.


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