Marketing and advertising aren’t the same thing – otherwise we wouldn’t need two words.
Yes, your advertising can pull double-duty as marketing, but marketing and advertising aren’t the synonyms. 

Marketing online in particular involves many ways of introducing your products and services to your ideal group of clients. Paying for ad placement is often the most direct way to bring a client to you.

Yes, you must pay for exposure for your site at some level in order to maximize your profits in minimum time. But it’s time to think – what is the best leverage per dollar?

If advertising was all it would take to get a new client, everyone with a dollar and a dream would borrow up to their eyeballs and buy a truckload of advertising.

But that isn’t all it takes. Advertising is only part of the marketing picture. Make sure you’re not putting all your promotional eggs in that basket . After all, it takes successful marketing to make initial sales stick, and to make repeat sales happen.


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