Take MyBlogLog, speed up how fast the widget loads, and mix it with Affiliate Marketers. Then swirl in Digg-ish usefulness and do WTF better than Technorati.

You have the hippest Social Marketing tool for the online entrepreneur whether you’re an affiliate marketer or not.

Affiliate marketing is the smallest leg of my business, and tends to generate me only a few thousand bucks a month, largely because I never pay attention to it until someone approaches me with a joint venture. What can I say, I’m a moron.

Due to a list that’s around 10K and very responsive, I didn’t really see the need to learn how to do the affiliate thing- I was more concerned with how to Get affiliates. My life change is going to make affiliate marketing a little more important, so I intend to get my education from this community. Whether you’re looking to understand and get affiliates or be a super-affiliate, you’ll want to check them out.


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