I’ve decided to start a new topic here that we’ll be revisiting from time to time, more often the more you like it. In re-reading the ebranding discussion I hosted here previously, I’ve been thinking about how to make the brand issue more real for you.

It’s easy to say “branding is important” but without a concrete discussion as to why, and how it can affect your bottom line, it’s difficult to convey. Therefore, we’ll be doing just that. I’ll take brands I come across in my every day life, and yours too hopefully. We’ll discuss what I take away from those experiences as a consumer, then I’ll put my marketing/promotion/branding hat on and talk about what they could do better, particularly in using website promotion.

From this, my desire is that you’ll be able to glean insight into what your own brand should or should not be doing, and how to do whatever you’re already doing, better.

Next up, we’re going to start with a discussion of Yoplait, the folks who make my favorite strawberry yogurt.


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