I don’t give a shit what’s in your magic beans. If your blog is dry I won’t be back. Now, granted, you can’t tell if you’re a boring person by yourself. But you have to ask yourself, at some point, what am I writing about that is so special? Am I just regurgitating what’s already out there? Am I listening to the people I’d like to be in my audience elsewhere on the web?

Another thing. You can’t cheat.

If you are getting a ghostwriter, at least stay with the same ghostwriter, and make sure they do all the other stuff that goes with blogging. It’s not enough that they write for you. They need to do the Technorati stuff, the commenting on other blogs, seo research, and make some kind of effort to connect with your audience.

Give them a pen name and make them connect with your audience. Bloggers and people who read blogs can smell it when you’re not real.

The exception is corporate blogging. As a reader, I only expect so much of a connection out of the McDonald’s blog or the Starbucks blog. Personally, I think those ocmpanies are making a big mistake. They’d do much better if they hired someone to be the face of their blogs, and create brand-associated celebrities. We’re already doing it the other way around – celebrities sponsor products all the time. Watching football on network television during my formative years probably affected my choice of domestic brew directly.


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