I think this counts as a confession, because this seems to something people want, to be famous, whether it’s on a reality tv show, as a famous blogger, a movie star, a rock star, an author, doesn’t seem to matter. Everyone wants to be famous. I’ve been two different types of slightly famous, one of them twice, and I’m here to tell you that being slightly internet famous really sucks.

Reasons at random:

  • When you’re known for something people approach you with a sense of entitlement – because they know your name you owe them whatever they ask
  • People try to use that little bit of fame you have against you
  • This one is my fault: I was so afraid of soiling my reputation sometimes that I would let people abuse or cheat me. Being known was how I made my money. I couldn’t risk it. I’ve since gotten over that.
  • Instead of seeing you as a person, people see you as an entity. It’s like when people don’t see a company, but a corporation. Most people wouldn’t steal a piece of art their friend made. But they’d download a movie that was still in theaters from the internet.
  • People assume that because you’re known, you’re rich, and they want some of your money.

That’s enough reasons for now. Because I have another confession…. being slightly internet famous kicks ass too!


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