I have a love hate relationship with people knowing who I am. In person, I’m really a hermit, so I could never abide by that whole Brad Pitt kind of fame, though I think I’m pretty good looking.

Internet Fame sucks sometimes but it kicks ass too. Random thoughts ahead.

  • Your opinion is respected, even when it’s controversial
  • There are times when you can trade almost directly on your fame for money – ie, you can make money just for talking about what you know
  • The more well known you are, the better sales typically are
  • It’s not that hard to be “niche-known”. A bit of grass roots marketing in forums and sincere blog love will get you in good with people. It’s amazing but people are so shocked to meet a genuine person that gives a crap about them that they are almost ridiculously grateful when it happens. It’s almost embarrassing, but in a nice kind of way.
  • Free stuff. Need I say more?

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