Anyone Else Disgusted with Digg?

Not Diggnation. That’s as good as indie TV gets for a technogeek such as myself.

Digg itself. Here’s a comment (with corrections) I left on another blog that was asking “Is Digg Burying Itself?”

I’ll tell you what the problem is with Digg. They came up with a great idea, a great system. In their beginning days, to get popular they strayed from their die hard fanbase.

Now that they are at the top of the pile, they are trying to push out the population that brought them their success, the long-tail of their readership, the marketer, rather than the central fan base, the digg purist. So the marketers (except the big ones) become the scapegoat as they try to make their core fanbase happy. But you can’t cater to just one group and expect to keep your success.

I give them credit for realizing who their core audience is. But it’s a huge mistake not to create an alternative system rather than marketing legit blog posts as spam.

This leaves a huge void in the marketplace for both people who WANT a digg-like site for internet marketing and entrepreneurship as well as business related articles. It gives sites like PlugIM and BumpZee room to thrive.

We should abandon Digg now that they’re abandoning us, and support the sites that are coming up to take their place. Or create them.

I’m walking away from Digg, and from other services who are edging entrepreneurs out of their sites just because we incidentally sell something. If we have good content, and people are responding to it, that’s all that should matter. If they weren’t interested in having marketers, entrepreneurs or anyone else submitting stories that they wrote or on their own sites, they should never have accepted them from Anyone that had commercial interests.

It’s not just about the little guy getting stepped on and having a fair sense of justice. On the rare occassion that I submit to Digg, I gets Mad Love when I’m not using my alias. Personally I will lose out at first by turning my back on Digg. But I can’t use a resource that I wouldn’t suggest to my followers. (That made it sound like I run a cult, but I promise you it’s not true. I’m not even THAT well known.)

It’s about targeting your market – it’s better to go where your content is welcome, like Netscape, BumpZee and PlugIM, and get interested visitors in smaller numbers. If we redirect our support, they’ll thrive.


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